Providing great magazine subscriptions and books across the nation.

Explorer Communications

Explorer Communications is a direct sales/ door to door sales company. Explorer Communications travels to every state in the nation selling magazine subscriptions and books. Each independent contractor affiliated with Explorer Communications has been taught to have a comprehensive knowledge of every magazine Explorer Communications supplies. We love magazines, and we supply the best and most respected subscriptions, including: maxim magazine, bow hunter, parent & child, Sherman's travel, and many, many more. If you happen to be a customer with Explorer Communications head over to the customers page and enter your receipt number. From there you can find answers to commonly asked questions, and find out if we are currently running any special magazine promotions. Also if you wish to get into contact with Explorer Communications please go to the contact us page and fill out the form. One of our customer service representatives will get back to you quickly. If you still want to learn more about Explorer Communications please go the about us page and you will find more information there.

Explorer Communications Independent Contractors

Explorer Communications is proud to support young adults who have an interest in traveling the country while earning money. Each independent contractor is given a chance to earn great money, compete in magazine sale competitions and have a good time in a team environment. If you are interested in travel and earning great money then go the interested page to learn more about what you can accomplish. If you feel you do not need to know anymore and are ready to apply go the contact page and tell us that you are interested in becoming an independent contractor.

Explorer Communications wants to provide you with great magazines, children's books, and book sets. To get a hold of Explorer Communications with questions, comments, and interest simply click here.